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About Us

Orange Wheels was started in October 2011 with a sound experience in the Wheel Alignment business. We have tenured staff working with us who have 20 years of experience in this line of business. We offer quick, prompt and effective service.

Thanks to your support, we have grown to become one of the largest independent tire stores in Visakhapatnam – offering a full line of top quality name brand and custom brand tires and wheels. We specialize in passenger and performance cars, light trucks, SUV’s ..With a massive warehouse inventory we usually have whatever you need in stock, and offer the best selection in town. Our fleet wholesale buying volume enables us to buy for less and pass the savings on to you – for the best prices – every day!

Orange Wheels offers computerized alignments that make sure your wheels are parallel, your steering wheel is centered and your vehicle is set straight.When it comes to putting the tires on your car, we know you probably care more about it being done right, than how it is done. However, you may be happy to learn that our state of the art equipment ensures it is done right.

We're proud of our roots, and nothing feels more like home than this building that holds such great memories for us and our staff. It makes us happy to see so many of our customers leave with smiling faces and then return for work on their own vehicle or a friend's they have recommended Orange wheels to. The good word travels fast!


  • Maintain your tires
  • Immediately fix punctures
  • Don't mix tires of different sizes
  • Avoid spinning your tires at high speeds
  • Have your tires mounted professionally
  • Evaluate your tires by checking the tire pressure